ode 12:4

” We are called to be the interpreters of His beauty,

and the narrators of His glory,

and the confessors of His purpose,

and the preachers of His mind,

and the teachers of His works. ”


… we are called to be the interpreters of His beauty …

.: We’re not here to make s’mores :.

I just read this and thought it was an incredible way to explain the importance of worship rehearsals.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking rehearsal is just a time to get together and play through some songs. It’s not. That’s what a campfire is for. Rehearsals are for the congregation. So make them as efficient and effective as possible, for the sake of your congregation, the health of your team, and all for the glory of God.


Enough said…




Skill vs. Heart

The delima: Which is more important in a worship leader: skill or heart?  And, how do you prioritize the two without forgetting either the skill, or the heart?

“With an upright heart he shepherded them and guided them with his skillful hand.”  (Psalm 78:72)

David shepherded his people with an “upright heart” and guided them with a “skillful hand”.  Here we see the balance and necessity of both heart and skill.

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