Quotes from “Worship Matters” on Expression in Worship

God – honoring expressiveness in corporate worship begins with clearly seeing the One we worship.

Our highest priority [as worship leaders] when we gather with the church is not our own personal expressiveness but the privilege of serving others.

People in your church will learn the most from what is modeled by you and the other leaders.  Churches rarely rise above the level of their leaders in expressiveness and genuine engagement.


Rules for Worship Rehearsal

Here’s  a list of rules for worship leaders and musicians…

1.  Come PREPARED!

This is rehearsal, not practice.  Practice at home on your own, and come knowing the  material inside and   out.

2.  Have fun. 

Your team is your family, so smile and laugh with them.

3.  Worship.

Giving God your best as a musician is good stewardship and an act of worship.  Also, allow God to move in you as you go through the set.

4.  Be excellent.

Excellent rehearsal makes for an excellent worship gathering.  So stay focused and give 100%.

5.  Ask questions.

If a part is difficult for you, or you need some help/direction, ASK! Your team will appreciate it.

6.  Be professional.

Have your gear ready to go with any kinks worked out.  Don’t play unless the band is running a song, you have been asked to play, or unless you ask for a minute to work a part by yourself.  Nothing screams “I’m not prepared” or “I’m an amateur” like wailing away on your instrument during down times.

7.  When you are done setting up / tearing down your gear, help a teammate.

Here’s my current list… what would you add?