10 Commandments of Typography & Color Theory

Some of my job requires some light graphic design work, and I’m trying to hone that skill… so I found these info graphs that have helped me.  Thanks DesignMantic.

font-infography Color-Theory-Infographic



Quotes from “Worship Matters” on Expression in Worship

God – honoring expressiveness in corporate worship begins with clearly seeing the One we worship.

Our highest priority [as worship leaders] when we gather with the church is not our own personal expressiveness but the privilege of serving others.

People in your church will learn the most from what is modeled by you and the other leaders.  Churches rarely rise above the level of their leaders in expressiveness and genuine engagement.

A Prayer for my Worship Planning Friends

“Dear God — Many of my worship planning friends have worked hard this past weekend. They’ve spent hours in blood, sweat, and tears to tell others about what Christ did and still does for our world. As they look forward to another week, Lord, smile on them. Encourage them. Give them strength. And most of all, may You continue work in the lives of those they’ve influenced this past weekend. Amen.”

Great prayer via Bryan Nelson