:: keep giving ::

The Bible is full of examples of people giving sacrificially.

:: The poor widow gave ALL of her money.

:: The immoral woman drenched the feet of Jesus with extremely expensive perfume.

:: Solomon sacrificed 1,000 bulls instead of just 1.

:: God gave sacrificially – his only son.

:: David refused to sacrifice anything that cost him nothing.

As worshippers, followers, musicians, and worship leaders, we should be giving sacrificially.  It is [extremely] easy to give to God what is acceptable, the status quo.  However, true acts of worship and gratitude seem to contain large amounts of sacrifice. 

As musicians, it is easy to just get the job done.  I am hoping that we can create a culture where artists give so much to their work, that God can’t help but to be glorified. 

I have been challenged to step it up and give God more of myself.  He has given me so much.

:: Give something of yourself that costs you ::

:: Go big or go home ::


2 thoughts on “:: keep giving ::

  1. “I am hoping that we can create a culture where artists give so much to their work, that God can’t help but to be glorified.”

    That’s awesome.

    At times I get distracted while pursuing this craft. And at the end of the day, I’m never where “I want to be,” which often leaves me a little frustrated. But then I read that. What a great reminder of what I’m supposed to be doing! Going big.


    To the stuff at the beginning:

    My goodness!! This has been on my mind all week. I’ve been really challenged and humbled and a tad confused, just wondering, “what is my place in this story of sacrifice?” Sure, I sacrifice a tithe, some donations, my time at church, etc…but I still feel glued in–afraid to give it all. Still trying to build my barns and secure my future with diplomas and paychecks. I get so caught up in self-preservation/perpetuation (save to buy house, save to have kids, save to buy car), and I would much rather practice being preserved by God alone with the full knowledge that any sacrifice I make is minute compared to the blessings he gives.

    Anyway…long response.


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