// Music Matters //

 I came across this post earlier today explaining one of the many reasons behind why we do what we do.

It’s been years since I picked up an instrument, but I’m still convinced that there’s something inescapable about music. It transforms words into lyrics. It changes walls into bridges. It turns listening ears into listening hearts.

As a performer, as a listener, as a visitor who might end up in a most unexpected place on a Sunday morning, music has a transformational power. And it moves people in ways that even the best communicator cannot.

Music matters.

It’s not just songs. Or musicians. Or lights and equipment. Music is much more than that. Music is a doorway to worship.

And as a pastor, one of my greatest honors is to point to that doorway. To announce the band and then step out of the way while we as a church, as a community, as individuals, answer the call to worship. A call that music sends out like nothing else.

// Andy Stanley //


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