Over the past several weeks I’ve been thinking about quality and excellence as they pertain to worship, particularly in the music arena ( I realize that we should strive for excellence and quality in every expression of worship).  So, I wanted to share with you a few thoughts that I recently read.  I think you’ll find this inspiring.

Psalm 33 urges us to ‘make music to the LORD… sing to Him a new song; play skillfully’.

Skillfully here means 2 things: be the best we can be on our instrument (as practiced and prepared as possible), and to learn how to play sensitively with the ability to flow with the Holy Spirit.  Without sensitivity, even polished musicians can be a distraction.                                // less is more//

In 1 Chronicles we learn that the Levite priests who took care of the worship in the Temple were priests who were ‘trained and skilled in music for the LORD’.  Likewise, we should work with all our hearts to spend time developing our gifts and learning to improve our playing as an expression of our love for Him.                                                                        //take lessons, study, push yourself//

As musicians we can express the heart of God through music and our playing.  Music is a language that God speaks through, just like he speaks through the rest of creation.  The more we learn, the greater vocabulary we will have to express what God is saying.

-thoughts from Les Moir


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