As a musician, I hate it when an instrument is out of tune.  You’ll be playing with a group and something is just off, and after several awful measures someone will realize they are out of tune. They could either be several cents sharp, or several cents flat.  So, they do whatever it takes to get back in tune. This might require only  several minor adjustments or some repair work on the instrument.  

Sometimes in my life I will feel like something is just off.  I’ll be doing life and after several awful actions or outcomes I realize that I am out of tune.  I realize that my heart is out of tune with God’s.  The hard part then becomes getting back in tune because it could take only several minor adjustments, or  some repair work that I cannot do myself.  The good thing is, like a dedicated musician, God does not want us to play out of tune and He will do whatever it takes to get our hearts back in tune.  

Is your heart singing in tune?


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